Target Income ETFs Join Global X Funds Roster

Global X Funds, a New York-based provider of ETFs, announced the launch of two ETFs joining its roster–the Global X TargetIncome™ 5 ETF (CBOE: TFIV), and the Global X TargetIncome™ Plus 2 ETF (CBOE: TFLT). The TargetIncome ETFs join Global X’s other ETF suites, including Technology, People, Infrastructure, Dividend, MLPs & Energy, and Preferreds.

TFIV seeks to achieve a 5% yield, net of fees, while TFLT seeks to achieve the yield on the current 10-year US Treasury Note, plus 2%, with both funds expected to pay monthly distributions.

In a decades-long shift from defined benefit (DB) plans–those that provide investors with predictable income streams in retirement to defined contribution (DC) plans, individual investors have assumed much of the risk with respect to their retirements. By utilizing an outcome-based approach, TFIV and TFLT help investors achieve targeted income levels from their retirement assets.

The TFIV and TFLT track indexes were developed by Wilshire Associates (Wilshire®), and allocate across 11 ETFs that represent various income-paying asset classes. The ETFs seek their targeted income levels while simultaneously optimizing their exposures in order to mitigate risk.

“By combining Wilshire’s robust multi-asset analytics and deep institutional allocation expertise, we’ve structured indexes that aim to target specific yield objectives while mitigating risks,” said Jason Schwarz, president of Wilshire Analytics and Wilshire Funds Management. “We’re proud to bring these indexes to market and very pleased to work with Global X, which has established itself as a leader in income ETFs.”

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