Why Today's Equity Symposium is Can't Miss

Today’s Equity Symposium will bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss the foundation of any portfolio – equities. The free symposium begins at 11am ET.

According to Todd Rosenbluth, VettaFi Head of Research, “After attending advisors will better understand the fundamentals across the equity landscape. In addition they will walk away with ideas to help clients position for 2024.”

Here’s a walkthrough of the agenda.

The First Half of the Equity Symposium

Starting at 11am, the symposium kicks off with Discovering Opportunities: Identifying Growth Prospects in the Large-Cap Segment, a twenty minute segment that digs into the industries, sectors, and emerging trends that have significant growth potential.

Following that session, the symposium will unpack active investing with Active Investing: Harnessing Advantages Over Passive Approaches. That session will be followed by Strategic Sector Allocation for Today’s Market Landscape. This session taps experts to share their insights on which sectors look the most appealing and comparing those sectors with investor sentiment heading into the fourth quarter.

The Second Half

The second half kicks off with dividends. Attendees will witness Dividend Strategies in a Shifting Interest Rate Landscape. Not all dividend strategies are the same, and not all dividend-paying companies will continue to return cash to shareholders.

Following that session, The Case for Investing in Mid and Small-Cap Stocks Today will feature a panel of experts. They will discuss why advisors should consider allocating to small and mid-caps, which feature untapped growth opportunities and diversification benefits.

Valuation Matters – Know What You Own will unpack where advisors can find attractively valued stocks. Concurrently, it will also dig into the importance of understanding what’s inside your portfoloio.

The symposium closes on Thematic ETFS: Examinging Investment Trends as We Approach 2024. This can’t miss session highlights how thematic ETFs have gained prominence. In the session, experts will delve into the intricacies of identifying and capitalizing on the themes that are positioned to shape the years to come.

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