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VanEck debuted its first podcast “Trends with Benefits” on Tuesday, which should inspire investors to listen based on the name alone.

Ed Lopez, Head of ETF Product at VanEck, is the host. The first episode, titled “Want to be a Bettor Investor? Get to Know Yourself,” which is available anywhere you find podcasts, featured guest writer Ben Carlson, who recently published the book, Don’t Fall for It: A Short History of Financial Scams.

ETF Trends had a chance to speak with Lopez about “Trends with Benefits” and the plan for the podcast going forward.

“Launching a podcast made sense to us because we were searching for a way to deliver engaging content to a wider audience in a more meaningful way,” says Lopez. “Our goal is to offer investors a different perspective and help them think through their portfolios more creatively.”

He continues by explaining how a big part of the podcast is about sharing the discussions VanEck has internally to the people.

VanEck Aims for Meaningful Discussions

“It’s also about education. We want to help investors make educated decisions about their portfolios,” Lopez states.

The show will feature meaningful discussions with people doing exciting things in the realm of investing, business, and life. Lopez wants to go after interesting and innovative stories that people could learn something from.

In terms of frequency, audiences should expect new episodes of “Trends with Benefitsevery Tuesday. A few episodes have already been recorded, with plans to record more soon enough. The team has spent time building a new studio space in the office.

Additionally, every episode should last around 45 minutes, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. There are also multiples ways to engage, as the podcast is available in both the audio format, as well as video, courtesy of YouTube.

Listen to the First Episode Here:

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