Fidelity Launches Multi-Factor ETF for Often-Overlooked MidCap Equities

“The three new factor ETFs are available commission-free and competitively priced below the industry average,” says Greg Friedman, Fidelity’s head of ETF management and strategy. “When you combine the expense ratio with access to Fidelity’s research, tools, trade execution, and product offering, we believe there is no better value in the industry.”

By adding these new products to the Fidelity ETF line-up, investors now have access to a competitively priced suite of 13 factor ETFs, three actively-managed bond ETFs, 11 passive equity sector ETFs, and Fidelity ONEQ, all available for purchase commission–free on Fidelity’s ETF platform. As announced earlier this month, Fidelity is in the process of expanding its commission-free ETF platform for individual investors and advisors to include more than 500 ETFs.

Effective today, more than 300 iShares ETFs are available for online purchases commission-free. This is the first phase of the platform’s expansion, with additional high-quality ETFs to be added in the coming months.

“We have leveraged years of experience in both quantitative and fundamental research to develop our unique approach in constructing our entire factor ETF suite, including these three new funds,” says Friedman. “Our in-house quantitative analysis team conducts comprehensive factor research and leverages our active management processes to design ETFs with investor outcomes in mind.”

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