Simplify Announces Pro-Bono ETF to Benefit Susan G. Komen | ETF Trends

Simplify Asset Management announced in its press release today the launch of its newest ETF focused on healthcare that donates all of its managing profits to Susan G. Komen, global leader in breast cancer awareness, research, and outreach. The Simplify Health Care ETF (PINK) will be the first pro-bono ETF of its kind on the market and is launching during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Breast cancer impacts one in eight women in the U.S. at some point in her lifetime. Funding research to find the cures is an incredible challenge that demands significant financial resources, which is why Simplify is very pleased to have Susan G. Komen as the beneficiary for PINK, a fund that we believe provides investors with a way to grow their portfolios while simultaneously supporting an incredibly worthy cause,” Paul Kim, CFA, CEO, and co-founder of Simplify said in the press release.

PINK is an actively managed fund whose portfolio manager is Michael Taylor, a renowned hedge fund investor who has over two decades of experience investing within the healthcare sector.

“The healthcare and biotech sectors are in the midst of a period of incredible innovation, rising to meet not only the ongoing pandemic, but producing breakthrough research that could have significant implications in the fight against cancer,” said Taylor in the press release. ”I could not be more pleased to be working with the Simplify team on PINK, providing investors with an important new tool while supporting the crucial work of Susan G. Komen.”

PINK Invests in the Healthcare Sector 

The Simplify Health Care ETF (PINK) seeks long term capital appreciation by investing in the healthcare sector, which is defined as companies that are included in the Global Industry Classification Standard for healthcare. PINK invests primarily in companies that are developing new and effective medicines, as well as in companies that work to reduce costs or improve the quality of the overall healthcare system, including companies not involved in breast cancer treatment or research.

The fund invests across all caps, including micro-cap companies, and will invest in 80-100 companies at any given time. It uses bottom-up analysis to follow a growth investment strategy, investing in high growth potential companies except during periods of high valuation, in which case it can utilize a value approach and invest in companies that are undervalued.

PINK carries an expense ratio of 0.50%.

“We’re very grateful for this tangible commitment by the Simplify team to create a long-term source of support for the important work we’re doing to save lives and pursue an end to breast cancer,” said Paula Schneider, Komen’s president and CEO in the press release.

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