Robotics ETF Computes More Gains

“While the opportunity for growth is clear, investments in RAAI are still in the early stages. US investors have currently invested about $3B into funds that are focused on RAAI—less than a third of the $10B that Japanese and European investors have allocated to dedicated funds. And those numbers are expected to grow rapidly in the coming year,” according to ROBO Global, ROBO’s issuer.

ROBO provides exposure to global companies engaged in the business of robotics-related or automation-related industries. Robotics- or automation-related products and services include any technology, service or device that supports, aids or contributes to any type of robot, robotic action or automation system process, software or management.

“Last year, while returning 44%, ROBO hauled in $1.5 billion in new assets, according to CFRA Research. ROBO holds 92 stocks, over two-thirds of which are U.S. and Japanese companies. This robotics ETF is also reflective of the widespread uses of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies as highlighted by its exposure to a dozen industries. Those groups include consumer stocks, energy, healthcare, 3D printing and security and surveillance firms,” according to InvestorPlace.

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