If You Want to See the Latest in Robotics, Attend One of These Events

The conference has also released a call for competitions that could showcase the latest advancements in drones, humanoid robots and more. The purpose is for robotics research labs associated with both companies and academic institutions to show off what their technologies can do.

4. Global Robot Expo

If people are interested in taking a trip to Madrid to explore the Spanish city and feed their interest in robotics at the same time, the Global Robot Expo could present the perfect opportunity. It happens on May 8 and 9, 2019, and the event has a Technology for Business theme.

There is also a Mega-Trends arm that spotlights some of the sectors representing substantial momentum or growth. In 2019, those areas of emphasis will be artificial intelligence and autonomous robotics. In the latter case, special attention is given to unmanned aerial systems. Concerning artificial intelligence, some of the topics will explore the Internet of Things, deep learning and more.

Furthermore, the conference features five sectors, such as Industry 4.0 and Service Robotics. Attendees can choose to devote the majority of their time to the topics most relevant to them.

5. Automation Technology Expo (ATX) East

This event, which happens in the Big Apple from June 11-13, 2019, caters to people interested in applying robotics to manufacturing and design. People who are still on the fence about going will appreciate the various reasons to attend, like panel discussions from industry leaders, macro-trend presentations and insights from supplier experts.

Organizers expect at least 8,000 people in attendance. Individuals can make the most of their time by going to educational sessions, matchmaking events between exhibitors and attendees, and peer-to-peer speed networking opportunities.


AUVSI XPONENTIAL is another Chicago-related conference, this one happening from April 29-May 2, 2019. The event centers on using automation technologies in the commercial and defense sectors.

One of the ongoing offerings scheduled to happen again in 2019 is the Women and Diversity in Robotics discussion. The specifics for 2019 are still being ironed out, but last year’s panel featured eight female experts weighing in with their thoughts.

Overall, conference attendees can expect to mingle with about 8,500 of their peers, plus 700 exhibitors. The hope is that people who go to this gathering will come away feeling inspired about what’s possible in the world of unmanned technologies.

Individuals will even get chances to ride in autonomous vehicles while participating in a low-speed ground demo within the exhibition hall. There are geographic pavilions that feature the technologies from various states and countries, from Virginia to Korea. That assortment of exhibitors proves that people are hard at work improving robotics and related technologies all over the world.

Get Excited About These Action-Packed Events

Although some of these events explore fields other than robotics alone, all of them offer hefty doses of the best and brightest robotics offerings to thrill attendees and make them feel hopeful about the future.

People who plan to attend should check the event websites regularly, especially since details about the 2019 events are forthcoming.