How to Scale Your Robotic Capabilities

● Sort – examine the layout of the robotic cell. Is everything in the right place? Are items being disposed of properly? Check to see if everything is efficiently ordered and organized.

● Set – Optimize your robotic cell by making workflows smooth and easy. Arrange items so they can be easily selected and used.

● Shine – Keep the working environment clean and safe. Cleanliness and maintenance are both equally important and ensure that your equipment is working to the fullest potential.

● Standardize – Create internal standards for your cell that will make your life easier when implementing new robots. Developing in-house knowledge and expertise is key.

● Sustain – Sustainability is important and relies on updated documentation and regular maintenance. Training should also be renewed to keep people updated on skills and safety guidelines.

● Safety – Perform a risk assessmen to see what you need to ensure your robotic cells are safe. Building internal safety knowledge here is key.

Through these steps, manufacturers can discover their own unique model for scaling collaborative robots to meet their needs. To learn more, be sure to download the full eBook from Robotiq and discover how easy it is to bring robots into the fold!

This article was republished with permission from Robotiq.