Gain Robotics Expertise in Your Company

While still on robotic expertise, the second eBook, “Why You Need In-House Collaborative Robot Expertise,” discusses the need for expertise. For anyone new to the collaborative robot world, there is a section dedicated to defining in-house robotic expertise.

A paragraph on barriers to robotic expertise follows. Some barriers highlighted here are high initial cost of automation, low flexibility and complexity of automation solutions.

Going to the next paragraph, you will find how collaborative robots remove the barriers. The follow-up section cements this point, adding that deploying a collaborative robot is extremely easy, as compared to former years.

Today, you can even get an industrial robot installed for only $50,000.

If there are gaps in robotic expertise in your organization, the next section will come in handy. Only minimal training is required for robotic expertise these days. Outsourcing an integrator and training the workforce are two options the factory owner will encounter at one point. The eBook recommends in-house expertise, citing many benefits and providing a number of links to that effect. To highlight just a few of them, developing in-house expertise gives the company total control, helps the workforce to own the robot and helps use collaborative robots optimally.

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Collaborative robot expertise is covered extensively in these two eBooks. Have you read them and have any comment/question? We are pleased to respond.

The two eBooks:

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