And that quick list doesn’t do any of them justice. This is a group who offers invaluable insights into the industry itself, including the newest, most promising technologies and the companies that are likely to continue to drive change far into the future.

With the help of our experienced advisory team, we’ve spent the last 5 years digging into the weeds to identify index members based not on market cap, but on a rich set of predetermined rules and objective criteria. The result is an index populated by real companies with very real revenues that are driving real innovation using the power of robotics and AI.

Am I passionate about robotics and AI? Clearly. Am I enamored? Absolutely. But I count on our team of experts to be sure I’m looking in the right direction at all times. Instead of focusing on the current highfliers and market cap leaders, our team is doing the heavy lifting and due diligence to uncover tomorrow’s leaders and help investors tap into that success early on to capture the greatest possible returns. With our advisors’ guidance, the ROBO Global Index has delivered year after year. Q2 of 2018 marked the sixth consecutive quarter of more than 18% EPS growth (following a stunning 29% in Q1). An incredible 79% of index members beat EPS estimates, and 65% of index members beat sales estimates for the quarter.

At ROBO Global, our performance record is based on real returns delivered by real companies that are earning real revenue. We believe our approach is not only the best way to identify the best possible index members, but the most effective way to capture the tremendous growth of today’s most exciting investment opportunity: robotics and AI.

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