Can Health Care Embrace AI Technology?

Advances in artificial intelligence technology are gaining as it becomes more widely accepted in various sectors, but what about the health care industry?

A Benefits Pro article revealed the results of a survey that showed “many U.S. health care leaders expect widespread adoption of AI by 2023, there are trust issues hindering its adoption. Among the fears sited in the survey, 54 percent believe AI will be responsible for a fatal error, 53 percent agree that AI will be poorly implemented or won’t work properly and 49 percent agree AI will be overhyped and not meet expectations.”

“At the end of the day, we are all consumers of healthcare, and we should feel confident that advances in technology can ensure we receive high-quality, affordable care,” said Jennifer Esposito, worldwide general manager of Health and Life Sciences at Intel. “Together, we can ensure patients and providers realize the benefits of AI in healthcare today, building trust and understanding that will help us unlock incredible advances in the future.”

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