The Impact of AI on Data Analytics

Daniel Raskin, CMO of Kinetica–a company that develops database management systems, discussed improving the human-machine relationship in order to gain better insights from data.

Notable points discussed with Daniel Raskin:

  • How data gets operation-oriented in order to bring all departments of a business together
  • How the data is brought to an operational platform
  • AI can be used to pore through data and provide timely insight
  • Computing power is necessary in order to power AI and voluminous data
  • One machine-learning system can be used across all departments to provide for flexibility — one ecosystem to house data
  • Extreme data–within an enterprise, there is no well-defined, historical data–there needs to be a system that absorbs the data and analyzes it simultaneously
  • To start with AI, a company should research various on-ramps–start where the biggest problem is in terms of data analysis
  • The future of AI sees a lot of organizations heading towards customer database analysis

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