Can Robots Help Boost Your Startup's Success?

By Mariane Davids

It seems there are more startups than ever, but many of them fail to grow into their potential. Embracing modern technology could be a great way to help your company stand out.

Join us as we look at two case studies of startup companies that boosted their success by integrating robots into their manufacturing model.

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Voodoo Manufacturing raises efficiency with robots

At Voodoo Manufacturing – a company that creates 3D-printed models – they tripled their output by using Universal Robots with a Robotiq gripper.

Why this combination? They wanted to find a robot that could be programmed without too much difficulty, but would also be able to complete the tasks they had in mind for it.

They chose the Universal Robot UR-10 for its collaborative nature and excellent price point. The robotic arm is able to harvest and place plates into 3D printers, and the robot continues working into the night, even after everyone else has left.

With the Robotiq gripper, the robot pulls out models, places plates, and sets the printers to continue working. And thanks to the teach pendant, team members were able to program the robot without difficulty.