Ideally, they can give a demo on your data to prove it will actually work with your data.

Make sure solutions actually provide real-time results, allowing you to instantly adapt strategy.

Research Their Data Sources and Algorithms

As we explained earlier, big data, the more the better, is what makes AI valuable. And delivering a huge data file isn’t artificial intelligence – it’s just a database requiring you to do the work to find insights.

Find out what approaches to AI they use.

It’s a good idea to have an expert, like a data scientist, with you to understand what they are saying. While you may not understand the technology, the provider should have no problem with talking to you about it.

Make sure it will be able to change along with your needs and grow with your business.

Ask the company where they see themselves in five or ten years. They should not only anticipate changes for their products, but also for your business needs.

The following post was republished with permission from Cortex.