AI Drives Life Changing Results in Nevada

These are exciting times in health care and AI is driving life changing results.

Landmark population health study involving 50,000 northern Nevadans turns to SAS to reveal hidden health insights.

Earlier this week I read that the NIH will soon open enrollment for its “All of Us” initiative. The research program aims to compile the genetic and health data of one million Americans in order better understand the mechanisms of disease and customize care based on the individual – a field referred to as precision medicine.

Healthy Nevada Project

The news immediately brought to mind the Healthy Nevada Project, a similar initiative that is examining genetic, clinical, environmental and socioeconomic data, in combination, to better understand the complex interplay between these factors and related effects on population health in Nevada. The effort is being led by Renown Institute for Health Innovation (Renown IHI), which selected SAS as the analytics engine behind the first-of-its-kind study.

The pilot phase of the Healthy Nevada Project launched in Sept. 2016, enrolling 10,000 Nevadans in just 48 hours, and within 65 working days, each participant donated a DNA sample for genotyping.

The pilot phase concluded early this year, and in March, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval announced Renown IHI’s expansion the project, opening enrollment to an additional 40,000 participants.