Qraft Technologies Rings NYSE Closing Bell To Inaugurate AI Powered ETF Offerings | ETF Trends

South Korean artificial intelligence (AI) firm Qraft Technologies rung The Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange on Thursday to celebrate the recent launch of their AI Powered ETFs: (QRFT, AMOM).

Qraft has launched two actively managed ETFs in the US that make use of AI to continuously sharpen their exposure to selected factors.

The Qraft AI Enhanced US Large-Cap ETF (QRFT) provides dynamic exposure to five factor risk premia within the US large-cap equity market: Quality, size, valuation, momentum, and low risk. The fund uses Qraft’s proprietary AI Quantitative Investment System known as AQUA to constantly evaluate the correlation of factor returns with various macroeconomic and valuation conditions. The portfolio will consist of between 300 and 350 stocks.

Qraft’s second launch is the QRAFT AI Enhanced US Large Cap Momentum ETF (AMOM) which also focuses on the US large-cap universe. The fund, which typically holds around 50 constituents, uses AQUA to determine how a stock’s price momentum might change over a certain period.

Both funds select and weight their securities with reference to target portfolios created by AQUA that seek to maximize returns while adhering to risk constraints.

Hyung-Sik Kim, CEO and co-Founder of Qraft Technologies, stated, “We have been working together with Exchange Traded Concepts to improve the performance of traditional quantitative investment strategies by applying AI technologies. As our system is ready to compete in the heart of the global financial market, we feel happy but also a sense of responsibility for proving AI’s capabilities in the financial market. In the future, we expect AI-enhanced products have the potential to become substitutes for broad market indices.”

Qraft Technologies Rings Closing Bell To Inaugurate AI Powered ETF Offerings

The funds, which are listed on NYSE Arca and were brought to market in May in partnership with white-label ETF platform Exchange Traded Concepts, have expense ratios of 0.75%. The company claims they were the first AI-powered fund from South Korea to have been listed on Wall Street.

Garrett Stevens, CEO of Exchange Traded Concepts, explained of the release, “We are thrilled to be working with the Qraft Technologies team to bring this timely and innovative fund to market. These funds are actively managed by the AI system AQUA which was developed by Qraft Technologies. Great colleagues and great ideas are the true drivers of ETF success. We’re very pleased to add Qraft Technologies and QRFT & AMOM to our growing list of partners and innovative ETF solutions.”

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