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Earnings news is back on the menu for investors this week, and with that news comes ETFs to play those results. Whether it’s Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), or Netflix (NFLX), ETFs can help. By using VettaFi’s ETF Stock Exposure tool, investors can see which ETFs have the highest weights towards a given stock. In this case, Fidelity’s low-fee ETF suite includes ETFs with some of the highest weights towards the aforementioned stocks. That allows investors a low-cost way to ride positive news.

NFLX Earnings News Wednesday

Streaming giant Netflix will report its earnings Wednesday amid an ongoing labor dispute with writers and actors in Hollywood. The firm does remain relatively shielded from the strike thanks to its global crew, however. NFLX reporting earnings will be a big test of the year’s resiliency for the biggest tech-related names, as well.

Investors can look to the Fidelity MSCI Communications Services Index ETF (FCOM) for low-fee exposure to NFLX. The strategy weights NFLX at 4.9% and charges just eight basis points (bps). FCOM has returned 33.8% YTD, outperforming both its ETF Database Category and FactSet Segment averages.

JNJ Earnings Thursday

Johnson & Johnson reports its earnings Thursday, which will offer meaningful insight into the state of health care and pharma investing right now. Healthcare and biotech would offer an interesting play should tech show weakness following this earnings season, making JNJ one to consider. The firm delivered an earnings surprise last quarter.

Investors can use the Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETF (FHLC) to play JNJ’s news, for better or worse. FHLC also charges just eight bps. The strategy has added $59 million in inflows over the last month and holds JNJ as its second-highest weighted stock at 7.2%.

Advisors and investors have all kinds of interesting ETF options out there, but for those looking to quickly more in or out of a given stock, consider Fidelity’s suite. In a year that saw Nvidia (NVDA) stand out in the stock market behind solid earnings, a low-fee ETF option for earnings news can play a big role.

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