PlanRock Lists 2 Active Global ETFs on the NYSE | ETF Trends

PlanRock Investments has launched two new active global ETFs on the New York Stock Exchange.

The PlanRock Alternative Growth ETF (NYSE Arca: PRAE) seeks growth during bull and bear markets by rotating between various segments of the global equity markets. It seeks to avoid segments of the equity market that are struggling.

The PlanRock Market Neutral Income ETF (NYSE Arca: PRMN), meanwhile, invests in high dividend global equities for income. It seeks to neutralize market risk exposure through a series of equity index futures and options. PRMN’s strategy is designed to have a low to negative correlation to bonds with similar volatility.

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PRAE: Strong Returns Through Equity Rotation

By engaging in equity rotation and moving between long and short positions, PRAE seeks low correlation to broad global equities.

Per its prospectus, PRAE is made up of U.S. and foreign ETFs of any market capitalization, stocks, and alternative investments. These include equity index futures, commodities, and currencies that represent multiple equity market segments of any investing style, market cap, country (including emerging markets), or sector.

PRAE’s strategy follows a rules-based approach that selects securities with significant underlying security liquidity, asset levels, and market representation. The strategy rotates among outperforming equity market segments based on a methodology of trend-following, momentum, and market valuations. Equity and growth markets are overweighted or underweighted based on the trend of that particular market.

PRAE takes long positions in market uptrends and short position in market downtrends with equity index futures, interest rate futures, commodity equity securities, and currency futures.

PRMN: High-Dividend-Paying Securities With Significant Liquidity

PRMN follows a rules-based methodology that selects global high-dividend-paying ETFs or stocks from those listed on an exchange and with significant underlying security liquidity. It does this while using offsetting short positions through equity index futures.

PRMN’s strategy allocates to long and short equity index futures, volatility futures, options, and options on futures to neutralize equity risk exposure and control volatility similar to the global bond market. And it does this while striving to achieve high dividend income and capital appreciation over the long term.

PRMN consists of U.S. and foreign ETFs, stocks, futures, options, and options on futures representing high-dividend-paying equity markets. These securities can be of any capitalization and from any geographic location (including emerging markets).

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