A Piece Of Advice From Warren Buffett | ETF Trends

When most people go to a dinner party or social event, they are so interested in looking the part, attracting attention, and making the right first impression, that they often fall all over themselves, rather than relaxing and opening themselves up to new possibilities. CNBC contributor Suzie Welch talks about in experience she had with Warren Buffett, the oracle of Omaha, which surprised her and made her re-evaluate how she would approach social gatherings, ultimately even changing her career going forward.

Welch describes how she was placed next to Buffett at a dinner party, and was excited to hear what he had to say, assuming that he would be the one doing most of the talking. But she was surprised to discover that he was actually more interested in her input. Although Buffett is known for being affable, Welch explains that the billionaire business magnate and Berkshire Hathaway leader pulled out an egg timer, setting it for 15 minutes and explained, “That’s how long I get to talk with you before I lose you to your partner on the left, and not a minute shorter!“

Chatting away for those 15 minutes until the buzzer sounded, Welch explained that she felt significant and noticed, and it compelled to open up to Buffett, given his interest in her and not in what she anticipated would be his own desire preach. The CNBC contributor describes how it changed her life, and made her realize that making a person feeling like he or she matters is hugely important when encouraging someone to open up and feel comfortable. She quotes Maya Angelou saying, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

By adopting this simple but transformative mind shift when you are in the “power seat”, Welch believes that people will feel more comfortable and be more likely to reveal their inner workings, thoughts, and opinions, and ultimately offer the best of themselves.

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