O’Shares' Internet ETF, OGIG, Pushes AUM Over Half A $Billion

The O’Shares Global Internet Giants ETF (OGIG) generated over a 109% return in the 1-year ending December 16, 2020, outperforming the NASDAQ 100 Stock Index by over 60%. This performance reflects the OGIG index and portfolio of 60 plus e-commerce and internet stocks, selected for quality and revenue growth.

Additionally, the strong performance and investor demand has pushed AUM over $600 million, with inflows from a diverse investor base. View the standardized performance for OGIG.

“It’s amazing how rapidly COVID transformed the consumer, businesses, and the economy. All have become much more digital. It’s much more than a simple story of work from home,” said Kevin O’Leary, Chairman of O’Shares ETFs.

“It’s work, shop, play, and more from anywhere you want, for consumers and businesses. OGIG demonstrates the difference between “Old Tech and New Tech.” Finding growth in this tech-driven economy is what OGIG is about. The OGIG portfolio has about 39% in stocks over a $100 billion market cap and 60% in stocks under $100 billion, including many faster-growing new tech companies. OGIG can be a New Tech investment to replace or to blend with Old Tech strategies.”

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CEO of O’Shares ETFs, Connor O’Brien, discussed the OGIG index. “We developed the OGIG Index to be selective, holding high quality and fast-growing e-commerce and internet stocks. Stocks selected for revenue growth, profitability, and healthy balance sheets, and index rules that limit allocation to mega-cap stocks, allowing greater allocation to what we call mid-size giants, and these have been among the strongest OGIG stocks.”

“The OGIG portfolio is transparent. Investors who look under the hood will see many names they know and many new names that include fast-growing mid-size giants. The OGIG index is more than 70% different compared to the NASDAQ 100 index and the Technology Select Sector Index1 as of 11/30/2020, with actual revenue growth (trailing 12-month) of over 40% across the OGIG Index, compared to only 17% for the NASDAQ 100 index and 11% for the Technology Select Sector Index1 as of 11/30/2020.”

O’Brien continues, “We believe strong revenue growth across the OGIG index is very intentional because our research shows us that revenue growth is significant to business performance and stock price performance. We follow the analyst estimate data on Bloomberg and find it encouraging to see so many OGIG stocks have had positive revenue revisions.”

Examining OGIG

OGIG stocks include mega-caps that have performed well over the 1-year period as of November 30, 2020, such as the five largest holdings, Amazon (+75%), Alibaba (+31%), Alphabet (+34%), Tencent (+70%), and Facebook (+37%). It also includes notable mid-size giants such as Snap (+191%), Pinterest (+259%), Farfetch (+449%), Trade Desk (+242%) and Etsy (+270%). Zoom Video Communications (+603%), Shopify (+171%), and Mercadolibre (+172%) have been among the strongest performers in the portfolio year-to-date2.

OGIG is the quality and growth of internet technology and e-commerce investment provided by O’Shares ETF Investments, a family of ETFs that includes OUSAOUSMand OEUR.

OGIG is an ETF that seeks to track the performance (before fees and expenses) of the O’Shares Global Internet Giants Index. The Target Index, developed by the O’Shares Investment Advisers, LLC, the index provider, is a rules-based index intended to give investors a means of tracking stocks exhibiting quality and growth characteristics in the “internet sector,” as defined by O’Shares Investment Advisors, LLC. S-Network Global Indexes, Inc., an independent third party, is responsible for the ongoing maintenance, compilation, calculation, and administration of the Target Index.

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