New Scanner Could Change Airport Security Forever

Going through airport security has become a rudimentary process that no traveler enjoys. Waiting in lines, unpacking and repacking luggage, and passing through scanners can inconvenience a traveler and may even be the cause of a missed flight.

But Analogic Corporation is seeking to change the way airport security can check luggage. Analogic, which is best known for its medical imaging equipment, used its expertise to create a revolutionary scanner for the TSA. The scanner, which uses computed tomography (CT), produces 3D images of carry-on luggage, thus allowing passengers to keep their electronics in their carry-ons prior to boarding. The scanner also utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to detect items that may be considered threats.

“The technology being used here, called computed tomography, is the same technology used in the medical field… the same technology that we currently use in checked baggage. Just recently, it’s been decreased in size and allows us to use it here at the checkpoint” said David von Damm, TSA Federal Security Director.

Currently, Analogic’s TSA scanner is being tested in fifteen airports across the nation, including LAX and JFK.

Watch the full video here:

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