Neuberger Berman Lists China Equity and Global Real Estate ETFs

Neuberger Berman has converted two actively managed mutual funds to ETFs. The Neuberger Berman China Equity ETF (NYSE Arca: NBCE) targets high-quality companies tied economically to China. The Neuberger Berman Global Real Estate ETF (NYSE Arca: NBGR), meanwhile, invests in the global real estate sector. The ETFs are supported by a research-based approach to active management.

NBCE targets companies that demonstrate strong balance sheets, prospects for good returns on equity, and above-average earnings growth. It invests primarily in China-A Share equity securities, Chinese securities listed in Hong Kong, and American Depository Receipts (ADRs). NBCE also seeks companies that exhibit leadership in ESG issues that are deemed important to their long-term success.

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NBGR invests in a global portfolio of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and securities of other real estate companies. It uses fundamental analysis while also considering macroeconomic and market developments to identify attractive regions, countries and/or sectors. NBGR’s portfolio managers are located across continents to provide a local perspective.

With the completion of these conversions, Neuberger Berman has six actively managed ETFs in the marketplace, including a suite of active thematic ETFs.

“Neuberger Berman entered the ETF market with disruptive technology ETFs and previously converted a commodity mutual fund into the ETF structure,” said VettaFi’s head of research Todd Rosenbluth. “It is great to see them bring more of their active management through stock selection to meet ETF-focused advisors.”

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