Hartford Funds Launches New Longevity ETF, 'HLGE' | ETF Trends

On Wednesday, Hartford Funds announced the launch of a new fund, the Hartford Longevity Economy ETF (NYSE Arca: HLGE), which seeks to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, correspond to the total return performance of the Hartford Longevity Economy Index (LHLGEX). LHLGEX is designed to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies that comprise industries that reflect certain themes that are expected to benefit from the aging population’s growth and the substantial buying power it represents.

HLGE is designed to invest in companies included within industries that provide goods and services that reflect longevity economy themes, including aging in place and home modification, working longer, performance health and comfort, maintaining social connections, financial freedom, staying mobile, human enhancement and leisure, and entertainment.

The fund will address risks and opportunities within the U.S. longevity economy universe by selecting equity securities of companies exhibiting a favorable combination of priority multifactor characteristics, including valuation, momentum, and quality. LHLGEX seeks to outperform a capitalization-weighted universe of U.S. capitalization equity securities over a complete market cycle.

“Education about the importance of longevity planning has long been a hallmark of the insight Hartford Funds shares with financial professionals, and this product is an extension of that strategy,” said Vernon Meyer, Chief Investment Officer at Hartford Funds. “By leveraging our world-class multifactor indexing approach and risk management, the Hartford Longevity Economy ETF seeks to deliver a unique and diversifying shareholder experience by tapping into the underappreciated and persistent value of evolving consumer patterns among the widening senior demographic.”

HLGE is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Arca, Inc., and its estimated current expense ratio is 0.44%.

Founded in 1996, Hartford Funds is a leading asset manager that provides mutual funds, ETFs, and 529 college savings plans. Using its human-centric investing approach, Hartford creates strategies and tools designed to address investors’ needs and wants. Leveraging partnerships with leading experts, the company delivers insight into the latest demographic trends and investor behavior.

For more information about the Hartford Longevity Economy ETF and Hartford Longevity Economy Index, visit hartfordfunds.com.

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