On the other hand, the Metaurus Advisors’ US Equity Ex-Dividend Fund – Series 2027 tries to reflect the performance of the Solactive Ex-Dividend Index, which is designed to track the value of shares in the S&P 500 without exposure to dividends. The ETF will provide long-term growth-oriented investors a way to participate in the growth potential of the companies in the S&P 500 Index at a reduced purchase price.

“An investment in XDIV may allow investors to purchase equity index ‘beta’ at an implied discount, which is likely to result in long-term returns that could differ materially from that of a direct investment in the same underlying index,” according to Metaurus.

Both funds are crafted with an end date as they will be liquidated in December 2027.

“We believe all investors should have choice,” Richard Sandulli, Co-CEO of Metaurus Advisors LLC, said in a note. “With IDIV and XDIV, investors and their advisors now have precise tools to balance current cash flow potential against their growth and risk tolerance, without sacrificing the diversification potential and low cost of index investing. These new ETFs are tools that can be used as standalone investments for dividend focused investors who don’t want equity price exposure, or for longer-term growth investors who seek potentially higher market returns. They can also be held in various combinations to achieve a proportional balance between cash flow and market exposure.”

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