Matthews Asia Launches 5 New Active Emerging Markets ETFs

Matthews Asia has launched five new actively managed emerging market ETFs on the New York Stock Exchange. The firm’s full suite of transparent active ETF strategies will be similar to its existing mutual funds.

“Sophisticated investors have long sought emerging market exposure, for returns and diversification,” said Matthews Asia CEO Cooper Abbott. “After a period of under-allocation, institutions and professional investors are … adding more customized emerging market exposures to their portfolios.”

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“We believe these new active ETFs provide sophisticated investors with the power of choice to selectively express their investment views,” Abbott added.

Active Management in Emerging Market ETFs

When investing in emerging markets, Matthews Asia’s head of portfolio strategy David Dali said that active management is key. “Our benchmarks tend to be blind to things like corporate governance and regulatory issues and geopolitics,” he said at Exchange 2023. “So, it’s super important to go active.”

“Advisors have been embracing actively managed ETFs in 2023,” said VettaFi’s head of research Todd Rosenbluth. “Matthews Asia successfully launched active international equity ETFs in 2022, bringing some of their best strategies into the ETF market.”

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