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Why have markets seemed so paradoxical this year? Advisors are used to uncertainty, but this 2023 has thrown more than just the occasional curveball. With each new headline, everyone from the Fed to the neighbor peering over the hedges has a soundbite to offer. So, what’s really going on? VettaFi Financial Futurist Dave Nadig will speak with Kai Volatility Advisors founder and CIO Cem Karsan and Simplify Asset Management chief strategist Michael Green in a webcast Monday to get to the bottom of it.

As with so many other parts of life, the reality of the situation is more complicated than a catchy headline suggests. The webcast, “’Vol-Trapped’ Why Markets Seem Insane & What to Do About It” aims to dig deeper on the big topics.

Have Markets Lost It? What the Webcast Will Discuss

The trio will look at the true extent of indexes’ impact in funds and derivatives and how it has impacted modern markets. They’ll also touch on the market, regulatory, demographic, and even tax issues that are distorting the market right now, as well as how new strategies like zero-days-to-expriration options impact prices. The webcast will then look to bring it home and offer advisors insight about how to act on all that information.

Kai Volatility Advisors’ Karsan founded the firm that would become Kai Volatility Advisors in 2010 when he divested his stake in Precision Capital Management. Karsan’s Precision Capital represented about 13% of S&P 500 Options daily volume at its peak during the Great Financial Crises. At Kai Volatility Advisors, Karsan is responsible for portfolio construction and firm-wide management while also serving as its Head of Research & Risk Management.

Green, chief strategist and portfolio manager at Simplify, joined the firm in April 2021 from Logica Capital Advisers. Prior to his time at Logica, Green managed macro strategies at Thiel Macro, a firm that manages the personal capital of Peter Thiel. In his current research, he focuses on the shift from actively managed portfolios and investment funds to “systematic” passive strategies.

Those interested in attending Monday’s webcast can sign up here. The webcast will kick off at 2 p.m. EST, July 31st.

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