What Sets Harbor's Active Growth ETF Apart From Peers

Harbor Capital’s large-cap active growth ETF has provided compelling returns for investors this year.

The Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN) is an actively managed fund that seeks to exploit market inefficiencies by investing in companies with underappreciated multiyear structural growth opportunities.

WINN has climbed 30.16% at NAV year to date as of September 27, 2023, outpacing some passive growth indexes. During the same period, the Russell 1000 Growth and the S&P 500 Growth have gained 24.09% and 17.66%, both at NAV respectively.

Active growth ETF WINN vs benchmarks

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Harbor feels that active management has shown strength in the current market environment. This current environment is more challenged, complex, and uncertain than the prior decade.

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“This has been a stock pickers market with a narrow set of companies leading the market higher,” said Todd Rosenbluth, head of research at VettaFi. “The team behind actively managed WINN has made astute calls and has benefited from its focus on high-quality companies.”

How Active Growth ETF WINN Leans Into Concentration

WINN’s distinct active strategy separates it from passive index funds in the space. Subadvisor Jennison Associates manages WINN, employing a combination of bottom-up, fundamental research and systematic portfolio construction.

The fund’s active methodology has allowed the ETF’s portfolio managers to capture opportunities that are out of the purview of many indices. Indexes are inherently backward-looking as they continue to allocate to past winners.

WINN holds 69 securities as of September 2023, making the fund considerably more concentrated than the indices listed above. Notably, the fund’s managers deliberately lean into concentration to seek to generate outperformance.

Harbor believes that U.S. large-cap growth is one of the largest segments of portfolios globally. This makes it an important area for advisors to seek out quality funds in an effort to help maximize returns for clients. Actively managed mutual funds and ETFs roared back to life in the first half of 2023, according to Morningstar. They may be a way to add value for clients

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As a result, the Fund’s performance may be more volatile, and the value of its shares may be especially sensitive to factors that specifically effect those sectors. The Fund may invest in foreign securities which may be more volatile and less liquid due to currency fluctuation, political instability, government sanctions, social and economic risks. Foreign currencies can decline in value and can adversely affect the dollar value of the fund.

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Jennison Associates is the subadvisor for the Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF.

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