LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s Email Management Tips

“If you want to reduce the crush of email in your inbox, send less email.”

Jeff Weiner, CEO off LinkedIn, joined CNBC’s Adam Bryant to share what he believes is “overly simplistic,” yet “highly effective” advice on one of the most common means of corporate communication.

Weiner shares that he learned many email management tips while serving in various executive positions at Yahoo. For example, Weiner believes that many people have “the tendency to use ‘To’ synonymously with ‘CC,’” leaving those on the “To” line inclined to respond even when a response isn’t necessary.

Weiner also stresses the importance of clarity and brevity when sending emails, stating that “the longer and more complex an email, the more questions get raised.”

Finally, Weiner advocates for in-person communication. “The vast majority of human communication is sub-textual. It’s not necessarily the words, it’s our body language and our voice inflection. And email, outside of emoticons, doesn’t do a very good job of capturing that.”

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