Top Performing Leveraged/Inverse ETFs: 08/06/2023 | ETF Trends

Top Performing Levered/Inverse ETFs Last Week

These were last week’s top performing leveraged and inverse ETFs. Note that because of leverage, these kinds of funds can move quickly. Always do your homework.

Ticker Name 1 Week Return
(UVIX ) 2x Long VIX Futures ETF 27.22%
(SPKY ) ConvexityShares Daily 1.5x SPIKES Futures ETF 20.06%
(UVXY B-) ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF 19.32%
(HIBS B-) Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bear 3X Shares 13.88%
(FLYD ) MicroSectors Travel -3x Inverse Leveraged ETN 13.16%
(TECS B+) Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares 12.22%
(SOXS B) Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3x Shares 11.62%
(EDZ A-) Direxion Daily MSCI Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares 10.46%
(LABD B) Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3x Shares 10.15%
(SDP B+) ProShares UltraShort Utilities 9.91%

1. UVIX – 2x Long VIX Futures ETF

UVIX, which offers daily 2x leveraged exposure to short-term VIX futures, was the top-performing levered ETF as market volatility increased amid rising Treasury yields and the latest economic data and earnings. Investors brace for more downward earnings surprises after disappointing quarterly results by Apple.

2. SPKY – ConvexityShares Daily 1.5x SPIKES Futures ETF

SPKY fund offers 150% exposure to a daily rolling of long near-term SPIKES futures contracts and focuses on active traders and speculative investors. The ETF was one of the top performing levered ETFs returning ~20% in the last week.

3. UVXY – ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF

UVXY, which offers leveraged exposure to an index of short-term VIX futures contracts, was one of the top-performing levered ETFs this week as volatility increased amid the recent interest rate hike and higher yields.

4. HIBS – Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bear 3X Shares

HIBS, which provides inverse exposure to the U.S. large-cap stocks, was present on the top performing levered/ inverse ETFs list this week. Inverse ETFs gained as stocks lost their attractiveness amid higher Treasury yields, slowing U.S. labor market growth, and Fitch rating downgrades.

5. FLYD – MicroSectors Travel -3x Inverse Leveraged ETN

FLYD, which tracks -3x the daily price movements of an index of US-listed travel-related companies, made it to the weekly list of inverse ETFs with over ~13% returns. Travel stocks fell amid general gloom and a slowdown in domestic demand.

6. TECS – Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares

Direxion Daily Technology Bear 3X Shares, TECS made it to the list gaining more than 12% last week. The technology sector fell as investors shun the riskier technology and growth stocks in the current scenario of rising Treasury yields and slowing U.S. labor market growth. Apple shares also fell on declining product revenues for a third straight quarter.

7. SOXS – Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3x Shares

The SOXS ETF inversely tracks the performance of the PHLX Semiconductor Index, featured on the list of levered/ inverse ETFs last week. The semiconductor sector fell by more than 2.8% in the last week, and technology was the second worst-performing sector.

8. EDZ – Direxion Daily MSCI Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares

Direxion Daily MSCI Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares, EDZ, which offers daily short leverage to the broad-based MSCI Emerging Markets Index, was one of the top performing inverse ETFs listed as higher rates in the US dull the prospects of investing in emerging market stocks and also on a rising US dollar.

9. LABD – Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3x Shares

LABD, which offers inverse exposure to the US Biotechnology sector, gained by 10% last week on concerns about future interest rate hikes.

10. SDP – ProShares UltraShort Utilities

This ETF offers 2x daily short leverage to the S&P 500 Index Utilities sector. Utilities fell as bond yield climbed. The sector lost more than 4% and was the worst performing sector in the last five days.

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