Technology Bulls Are Stampeding Through the Recovery

With the Nasdaq recently closing above 10,000, needless to say—technology stocks are hot right now. As such, it’s difficult for traders to not jump on the tech bandwagon right now using tech-focused leveraged ETFs for supercharged returns.

Leveraged ETFs to check out:

“The technology (work from home) types of stocks which are spread across various indices from internet stocks (webl), consumer discretionary (WANT – XLY for 1x, top holders are names like Amazon and Starbux), or adaptable tech/acritical intelligence and robotics which includes the semiconductor indices and ETFs (SOXL, SMH),  (TECL, XLK) and UBOT (BOTZ),” said Sylvia Jablonski, Managing Director, Capital Markets – Institutional ETF Strategist at Direxion Investments, in an email. “The latter hold names like Apple, Amazon, MSFT, NVIDIA, AMD, Intuitive Surgical, to name a few. Whether its work from home technology, web services, video chats, online security, could or further automation and security needs the vast sectors of tech-related names to continue to be a strong theme in today’s market. Technology-focused indexes like the S&P’s Technology Select Sector Index or the Dow Jones Internet Composite Index have surged roughly 30% from their recent lows over the past month.”

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed Wednesday’s trading session in the red, it’s been a tech-fueled reopening rally that’s been leading the way in the major indexes. The internet of things could certainly become the norm as the pandemic may have only proven that more businesses could thrive in remote work options with heavy tech usage.

“Traders looking for a leveraged bullish play on that internet index can consider the Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bull 3X Shares WEBL, which tries to deliver triple the daily returns of the aforementioned internet benchmark, is a geared play on the likes of Amazon Facebook and Netflix among others,” Jablonski added. “WEBL has nearly tripled since mid-March thanks in large part to increased interest in online software and streaming services that help close the distance people. “

The penchant for tech has been seen in TECL, which is seeing healthy inflows.

“TECL has taken in about $62.5 in new money this quarter, confirming investors’ affinity for sturdy, cash-rich technology companies,” said Jablonski. “Semiconductors continue to rally on 5g themes, up 70% this month (SOXL) and 20% on the one beta play SMH.”

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