Holiday Shopping and AI Give Amazon More Bullish Vibes

2023’s holiday shopping numbers should give Amazon bulls enough good news to digest, but the online retail giant’s focus on artificial intelligence (AI) should provide even more bullish vibes for its stock.

As reported by CNN, the continued trend of online shopping during the holidays was evident in Amazon’s final numbers. As mentioned by the CNN report, it was last year’s holiday shopping that “powered strong revenue growth for Amazon last quarter.

Amazon “reported revenue of $170 billion for its quarter ending in December, beating Wall Street’s estimates and growing 14% compared to the same period last year.” It was just what the stock needed as most equities stumbled out of the gate in 2024, but positive earnings was more than enough to reinvigorate the stock price. Amazon is up 24% within the last few months.

As mentioned, bulls should also be excited about the company’s focus on AI, which is what most of Amazon’s big tech peers are also doing. That should give Amazon a strong growth mechanism moving forward as the company announced the inclusion of AI with its hopping experience.

“And the company is now looking to give customers a new way to shop, while signaling to investors that it is doubling down on artificial intelligence,” the CNN report added, noting that Amazon “announced it was adding an AI-powered shopping assistant dubbed ‘Rufus’ to its e-commerce store.”

AMZN Chart

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3 Ways to Play Amazon

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