Learn to Add Disruption to Your Portfolio at the Virtual Summit

The evolution of technology has come a long way and what was deemed “disruptive” then is standard fare now. Advisors may already understand the impact of technology in their clients’ portfolios, but may not be aware of the trends that are already disrupting the current tech regime, such as robotics and artificial intelligence.

These are disruptions advisors must embrace and on Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2019, ETF Trends will give financial advisors the opportunity to congregate in a cutting edge virtual setting to discuss these disruptions and how they positively impact the exchange-traded fund (ETF) space.

Topics of Discussion to Get Inside the Disruptive Technology Revolution:

  • Identifying the biggest disruptive opportunities in the market today
  • The current and future outlook of the tech landscape
  • New, innovative themes that could propel growth ahead
  • How to position disruptive strategies in an investment portfolio

Disruptive Tech Panel 2

Dive into Disruption with Industry Experts

At the Virtual Summit, industry experts will dive into robotics, artificial intelligence, biotech, genome sequencing, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles and many others affecting or are set to affect the ETF space.

Joining Lydon to discuss disruption are an esteemed panel of experts:

  • Paul Dellaquila: Managing Director – Global Head of ETFs at Defiance ETFs
  • Matthew Weglarz: CFA, Director and Portfolio Manager at PassiveTortoise
  • Catherine Wood: Chief Investment Officer & CEO at ARK Invest

More and more, as the concept of disruption becomes part of societal standards, advisors and those within the financial markets in general who fail to adopt the latest and greatest technology face the possibility of getting left behind.

Don’t Get Left Behind

When such a transformative technology like AI is introduced into a financial industry that can be reticent to change and stuck in its tried-and-true ways, it can present a challenge. However, those who are slow to adapt could be the ones left in the dust.

“It shows you how ETFs continue to evolve like how computers to evolve,” said ETF Trends CEO Tom Lydon during an interview with Yahoo! Finance Live. “If you’re an analyst on Wall Street and you don’t have access to AI, I would be concerned.”

With technology expanding at such a rapid pace, being at the cusp of a major breakthrough seems like a daily occurrence. Advisors can position themselves and their investors to benefit from these breakthroughs in disruptive technology like AI-focused ETFs.

“The bar raises all the time,” Lydon said. “As we continue to evolve technology-wise, it’s great for all of us. If you’re living in the old school, you might definitely be at a disadvantage and if that affects the portfolio performance, people aren’t gong to buy your fund and they’re not going to buy your ETF.”

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