An Alternate Way to Hold Gold Assets via Blockchain Technology

Market volatility is as close to certainty as death and taxes—as such, investors need to allocate their capital to alternative assets outside of equities, such as gold. Another option, dubbed “digital gold” in the sphere is cryptoassets like Bitcoin, but an alternate opportunity marries the concept of gold and cryptoassets’ underlying technology (blockchain)—PMGT, a digital gold token by InfiniGold.

PMGT gives investors the ability to trade and hold gold stored at The Perth Mint via the blockchain. Furthermore, PMGT grants investors their entitlements over the physical gold itself, meaning they can convert and pick up gold bullion or get it delivered globally.

PMGT offers distinct advantages versus holding physical gold itself via the dynamic environment of blockchain technology. Advantages of PMGT:

  • 24/7 trading
  • Multiple exchange listings
  • Peer-to-peer transfers
  • Cross listings against all FIAT/crypto listed on an exchange
  • Instantaneous settlement on all transactions
  • Easily accessible globally

Under the Hood of PMGT’s Underlying Technology

  • Digitisation: GoldPass is the Perth Mint’s platform for digitizing physical gold, uses digital certificates to represent legal ownership over physical gold stored in its vaults. Based on lnfiniGold technology, the digitization mechanism guarantees full backing with physical gold at any time and allows users to securely trade, store, and transfer physical gold.
  • Tokenisation: Bringing Gold Pass certificates as ERC20 tokens onto the Ethereum blockchain increases accessibility and availability. lnfiniGold issues I PMGT for each I oz GoldPass certificate. Once issued, PMGT can be traded on authorized exchanges, used in supported services and transferred to other users.
  • Redemption: In a reverse transaction, PMGT can be redeemed for the GoldPass certificates they represent – free of any conversion fee. This allows users to tap into the liquidity of the Perth Mint and ensures full backing with government guaranteed gold.
  • Collect Physical or Sale: GoldPass certificates can be sold to The Perth Mint at market value or converted into a range of Perth Mint bullion products delivered globally. This includes 400oz London Good Delivery bars which is the form of gold traded in the institutional gold market.


PMGT is just one of the innovations that are taking place in the cryptoassets space as investors in nations like the U.S. are still waiting on a Bitcoin ETF to pass mustard with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It’s just another example, that the space won’t wait for legitimacy granted by a governmental authority and that the technology will continue innovating with or without their approval.

For more information, visit the InfiniGold website.