6 Top ETFs to Invest in for Apple Earnings | ETF Trends

With Apple reporting its earnings after the closing bell today, investors looking for a way to get involved with the tech giant may want to consider ETFs as a vehicle for getting exposure.

Apple (AAPL) is one of the most popular stocks on Wall Street, and this is no doubt due to the fact that its shares are gaining at the most rapid pace in over nine years. Apple breached multiple highs, surpassing $185 for the first time on May 7. The company is rapidly approaching a record trillion-dollar market capitalization.

On CNBC on Monday, Christian Magoon of Amplify ETFs explained, “One of the benefits of ETFs is that the majority of ETFs show their holdings, they’re transparent. So on any given day you can see just how much of a percentage Apple is or Microsoft is in a technology ETF, and that tells you what your exposure is in these moves. Certainly, for funds that have 17% or 15% of Apple exposure, tomorrow’s, Apple’s earning are going to be very important.”

The following ETFs have a significant weighting of Apple, making them a solid choice for investors looking for participate in moves in Apple.

Also on CNBC on Monday, Tim Seymour of Seymour Asset Management, further described how an ETF can be key in investment decisions.

“When you think about the QQQ ETF, which is the Nasdaq 100, you still have Apple as almost 10% of that weighting, you better have a view on Apple going into earnings,” Seymour said. “A lot of this is really pick your ETF based on your view of Apple.”

Apple is projected to have $2.73 Earnings Per Share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 4 cents and improving 30% from the year-ago quarter. While Apple may or may not hit the projected $2.73 EPS forecast after the close of the market, investing in ETFs with substantial Apple participation is a great way to get involved with the technology behemoth.

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