In the Know: 4Q19 ETF Market Updates and Trends | ETF Trends

The investment landscape is evolving rapidly. Each quarter, ETF Trends, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and the NYSE partner to bring you the current thinking on ETFs with the “In the Know” quarterly series.

In this Q4 installment filmed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, ETF Trends CEO Tom Lydon chats with industry experts on late-cycle investment opportunities and risks during the recent volatility in the markets.

Lydon is joined by Josh Rogers from J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Sam Azzarello from J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and Douglas Yones, Head of ETFs at the New York Stock Exchange.

Talking Trends With Seasoned Experts

Getting started with Azzarello, Lydon address the possibility of a recession. They note the global slowdown, while also putting out there that US growth is still active. More importantly, Azzarello notes how the critical thing advisors need to be concerned about right now is taking risk off the table, as investors want more income. This shows a reason why value is outperforming growth, even if it’s in the early stages, which could become a sustained trend down the line.

With Yones, Lydon discusses how they’ve seen a considerable amount of flows continue to come in even though we’ve had more volatile markets. This has continued to make it a fascinating time for the ETF industry. Specifically, the cash flows have been a big part of this story, with $180 billion year-to-date, and it’s really across many of the products in the industry. Out of that $180 billion, $102 billion has been in fixed income, which has been another significant factor to consider.

Talking to Rogers, he and Lydon discuss how it’s been a really interesting and intriguing year to be an observer of the factor space. So, a systematic type of screening, but the same time on the corporate side of what’s happening in fixed income today. Keeping in mind what’s going on with big firms, having some thoughtful screening can really make sense, especially if those equity markets continue to slide.

Each of these segments expands on all of these topics, with Lydon and his market experts providing the useful knowledge that will have you in the know.

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