How to Build a Long-Term, Low-Cost Portfolio

As the ETF industry continues to evolve, no two funds are built the same. There are various considerations that may affect overall return, especially for those building their portfolios with a long-term time horizon.

On the upcoming webcast this Tuesday, Dec. 19, How to Build a Long-Term, Low-Cost Portfolio, Matthew Bartolini, Head of SPDR Americas Research at State Street Global Advisors, Gary Stringer, CFA, President and Chief Investment Officer of Stringer Asset Management, and Bryan Novak, CAIA, Senior Managing Director of Astor Investment Management will help simplify the investment process with broad and low-cost investment ideas that can build a diversified core portfolio.

The webcast will explore 2018 investment outlook, how fees affect long-term investing, equity and fixed-income options to build out an investment core and how financial advisors can incorporate low-cost and effective funds into a diversified portfolio.

For example, State Street Global Advisors has launched the SPDR Portfolio ETFs, a suite of 15 dirt-cheap ETFs to provide exposure to a range of core equity and fixed-income asset classes.

The Portfolio ETFs are among the cheapest ETF options on the market, contending with other low-cost players like Charles Schwab, BlackRock’s iShares and Vanguard. To put ETF costs in perspective, there are 2,029 U.S.-listed ETFs on the market with an average expense ratio of 0.58%.

State Street was previously the second largest U.S.-listed ETF provider by assets under management, but it has been eclipsed by Vanguard Group in the ongoing so-called ETF fee war that has pushed expense ratios closer and closer to zero.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about low-cost portfolio construction can register for the Thursday, December 14 webcast here.