How ETF Traders Played in the Summer Heat

During the traditionally slow summer trading, different types of exchange traded fund investors acted in various ways over recent months, with some surprise plays standing out.

Among the standouts, technology ETFs continued to track positive growth over the summer after witnessing negative cumulative net flows last summer, according to TD Ameritrade platform data. Global real estate and international stock ETFs were also other categories that saw an about face these past few months after negative flows last summer.

On the other hand, real estate ETFs were negative this summer, compared to the positive growth over the same period last year, with outflow money being repurposed in other areas like agriculture and industrial metal ETFs. ETF investors also shied away from natural resources and communications ETFs this summer as compared to the last.

Different investor groups also exhibited varying investment habits. For instance, the largest increase in net flows this summer among millennials was in agriculture ETFs in August, which jumped 29%, while U.S. stock ETF demand remained flat in July and August. On the other hand, municipal bond and energy ETFs were among the less favored picks among millennials.

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