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However, CNBC contributor Mitch Goldberg says that this shouldn’t cause investors to look the other way when bonds are mentioned. In fact, the case for more bond investments in today’s market volatility is even more compelling.

“So much for the safety and stability of bonds, right? Maybe, but maybe it isn’t so wise for investors to dismiss bonds outright,” wrote Goldberg. “With the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 600 points on Monday, 65 percent of the S&P 500 in correction (or worse) and a litany of headwinds for investors, it feels like the current bout of volatility will be with investors for a long time.”

“If it is indeed the case that the global economy is on shaky ground, you’d have to consider that maybe we have seen a near term ceiling in bond yields, making it more worthwhile to include bonds as part of a diversified portfolio,” Goldberg added.

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