Harvest Mgmt Bolsters Team with Latest Hires

Derivative asset management firm Harvest Volatility Management has bolstered its team with its two latest hires–Garrett Paolella and Troy Cates, who both previously served as Horizons ETF’s head of ETFs and head of trading, respectively.

Harvest Volatility Management, which serves more than $13 billion in client assets, primarily manages private fund strategies. However, the firm took its first maiden voyage into the mutual fund world in January with the introduction of its three open-ended investment vehicles: Harvest Edge Absolute, Harvest Edge Equity, and Harvest Edge Bond.

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Harvest Edge Absolute seeks to deliver returns with relatively low volatility, minimal interest rate risk, minimal credit risk, and no correlation to equity markets.

Harvest Edge Equity seeks to deliver returns highly correlated to the S&P 500 Index through a portfolio of U.S. equity securities, equity index ETFs, and other investment vehicles by implementing its collateral yield enhancement overlay strategy (CYES) that utilizes relatively short-dated S&P 500 Index option call spreads and put spreads. The Harvest Edge Bond seeks to deliver returns highly correlated to the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index by also implementing the CYES strategy.