3 Reasons Google AI Clashes With Washington

Governments need to be on the same page as technology so that our civilization doesn’t advance our leaders.

2. Drone Targeting

Google employees have also reportedly argued over the company’s role in providing the Pentagon with technology to improve drone targeting.

Washington wants to leverage this technology for their own uses. But even worse, the wrong hands completely (terrorist) could get the open source data and use it for destruction.

“It’s important to understand what kinds of uses we want machine learning to be used for,” Dean said. “As a company, we’re debating what kinds of work we want to be doing. I also think we’re releasing open-source tools …. and many of the uses that other people will put that for are going to be great, but some of them may be things we might not be comfortable with. That’s one of the things about technology. The underlying technology itself is sort of neutral. It’s how people use that and make decisions.”

3. Tech Monopoly

Washington worries artificial intelligence has the ability to take workers’ jobs and that companies like Amazon are a monopoly over other businesses.

We are all familiar with Trump’s twitter attacks on Amazon. 

But  Dean counters that Google AI wants to make humans more productive and improve their experiences with technology, not take away their jobs.


Donald Trump’s administration is planning a summit on artificial intelligence with representatives from Google, plus Amazon, Facebook, Intel and 34 other major U.S. companies, according to The Washington Post.