Goldman Sachs Shines Spotlight on ETF Education

Many money managers including Goldman Sachs have come out with a number of nifty ETF strategies to help investors better customize investment portfolios and access diversified markets. As the industry grows, many players are educating investors and advisors to help meet the demand.

“We have all the resources that we bring to bear from Goldman Sachs as an organization, and from an advisor perspective, what that really means is that we have an entire team of businesses within GSAM that do nothing but work with advisors: portfolio construction, education, business practices. We really help them think about their businesses holistically,” Steve Sachs, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, said at the Inside ETFs 2018 conference.

“From an ETF perspective, we’ve taken those resources and really focused on ETF education,” Sachs added.

For instance, as more investors look to fixed-income ETFs as a way to broaden their portfolio exposure, companies like Goldman Sachs are working closely with advisors to better educate themselves about the mechanics behind these ETF products to more efficiently allocate an investment portfolio.