Get a Handle on Rates at the Fixed Income Symposium

The Fixed Income Symposium is this week and it couldn’t come at a more critical time. “With the latest inflation data, many advisors are wondering if the Fed will actually cut rates in 2024,” said VettaFi head of research Todd Rosenbluth. “We will hear from industry experts and get their views on whether taking on interest rate risk will be rewarding.”

Fixed Income Symposium To Kick of With a Look at Rates

Interest rates are top of mind for just about every investor. As advisors look for guidance on what to expect, the first session of the symposium, titled “Outlook on Interest Rates: How to Position Fixed Income Portfolios,” will feature experts such as PIMCO’s Sonali Pier and T. Rowe Price’s Alex Obaza.

As investors look to make sense of rates, the PIMCO Multisector Bond Active Exchange-Traded Fund (PYLD) and T. Rowe Price Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF (TBUX) are both strategies worth exploring.

Rate Risk

The third session of the symposium will focus on rate risk. Accordingly, the session is titled “Should You Take on Interest Rate Risk?” There are plenty of angles for how investors can approach interest rate risk. Accordingly, the session will focus on what investors need to consider as they weigh their options.

“Given very tight credit spreads and the Fed likely pushing off rate cuts, we’ll likely see more demand for fund managers who can generate that incremental income, said VettaFi senior industry analyst Kirsten Chang. “But there’s still a knowledge gap about some of these actively managed fixed income ETFs, so hopefully investors continue to learn more at our upcoming symposium.” The symposium happens on April 18th at 11am ET.

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