Gabelli Funds’ Launches Actively Managed ESG ETF, 'LOPP' | ETF Trends

On Monday, Gabelli Funds launched the Love Our Planet & People ETF (NYSE: LOPP). The fund is an actively managed ETF focused on the “E” in ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) investing.

The firm believes investment in renewables, batteries, water infrastructure, the recycling of plastics, and other sustainable practices is essential to the planet’s future and people. LOPP provides investors the ability to invest in a broad range of companies across these sectors while leveraging Gabelli Funds’ research-driven investment process. The portfolio team will construct LOPP on a bottom-up basis, going beyond the typical ESG screens and relying on the advisors’ accumulated, compounded industry knowledge and history of corporate engagement.

LOPP offers a loyalty program under which the first $100 million invested will incur no fees or expenses for at least one year. Through this program, Gabelli Funds hopes to encourage investment and acknowledge our private wealth and mutual fund clients’ appreciation. The firm is privileged to absorb all costs to underscore its emphasis on the environment.

Untraditional Love with LOPP

Unlike traditional ETFs, these ETFs will not tell the public what assets they hold each day. This may create additional risks for your investment. For example, an investor may have to pay more money to trade an ETF’s shares. These ETFs will provide less information to traders, who tend to charge more for trades when they have less information about the underlying holdings.

Additionally, the price an investor pays to buy ETF shares on an exchange may not match the value of an ETF’s portfolio. The same is true when selling shares. These price differences may be greater for the ETFs offered under this Prospectus than other ETFs because these ETFs provide less information to traders concerning the underlying portfolio holdings. These additional risks may be even greater in bad or uncertain market conditions.

The differences between these ETFs and other ETFs may also have advantages. By keeping certain information about an ETF secret, the ETF may face less risk that other traders can predict or copy its investment strategy. This may improve an ETF’s performance. If other traders can copy or predict an ETF’s investment strategy, this may hurt the ETF’s performance.

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