Fixed Income Symposium to Provide Clarity, Insight

The prospect of rate cuts has long been teased, and as advisors look to position for a rate-cutting environment, they need a full grasp of the fixed income space. VettaFi’s coming Fixed Income Symposium aims to gather thought leaders and experts. Accordingly, the free event will deliver a robust understanding of the state of fixed income.

“There’s a lot of cash still sitting on the sidelines that likely would benefit from a new home once the Fed begins cutting rates,” said VettaFi head of research Todd Rosenbluth. “Advisors will want to join us to tap into expertise from leading asset managers about the reward potential and the risks of turning to fixed income ETFs.”

Q1 Was Risk On, What’s Coming Q2?

Q1 was a risk on quarter for many. Some investors were caught off guard thought as anticipated rate cuts didn’t materialize. But Fed Reserve chair Jay Powell recently noted that inflation is being reigned in. He remarked recently that it is “more along the lines of what we want to see.”

Accordingly, investors must understand the rate cut scenario. Doing so, they can better approach their fixed income allocations. By leaning on the expertise of the speakers coming to the Fixed Income Symposium, investors can make the best decisions going into Q2.

Register for the Fixed Income Symposium Now

The symposium happens on April 18th. Further more, registration is free. Additionally, investors who are registered will have the opportunity to see a playback as well. Get actionable action and insights from the comfort of you own home at a time that works for you.

Register for the Fixed Income Symposium here.

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