VettaFi's Income Strategy Symposium is This Friday

The Income Strategy Symposium is Friday, October 27th. Accordingly, advisors will have the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and experts about how to position the income sleeve of their portfolio.

Given today’s unusual market circumstances, investors are eager for robust income. Here’s an overview of what to expect during the symposium.

A Can’t Miss Agenda for the Income Strategy Symposium

The symposium will kick off with a session that focuses on asset allocation in the fixed income space. This session will help advisors understand where their peers are putting assets and also cover tax loss harvesting.

Following that opening session, advisors will be treated to an in-depth exploration of credit risk. Considering high yield bonds have been a top performing sector in 2023, its worth exploring if the spreads remain attractive relative to investment grade bonds

Next, the first half concludes with a look at equity income strategies that can provide alternative income sources.

The Second Half of Friday’s Income Strategy Symposium

The second half starts with an exploration of the growing popularity of active funds as well as tax-efficient income possibilities that exist outside of the world of bonds.

To close the symposium down, advisors will get an overview of the risks and opportunities available in municipal bonds. Additionally, there will be a final session focuses on growth and income strategies that will offer stability in these volatile times.

An Impressive Line-up

Attendees to the symposium will hear from industry thought leaders such as Vanguard’s John Croke and Dan Larkin, Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s John Jordan and Sirion Skulpone, and Capital Group’s Courtney Wolf and Anmol Sinha.

VettaFi’s Todd Rosenbluth and Tom Lydon will moderate the symposium. According to Rosenbluth, “The fixed income landscape is rapidly evolving and many advisors are uncertain how to position for 2024. By bringing in experts from leading asset managers we hope to help advisors have better discussions with end clients before yearend.”

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