Invesco Debuts 4 BulletShares Emerging Markets ETFs

“An increasing number of investors are seeking opportunities in emerging markets debt, which offers relatively attractive yields based on comparable credit ratings,” Bloom said. “Using BulletShares as a means of holding bonds to maturity may help to insulate investors from the risk of rising rates while offering overall portfolio diversification.”

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With the inclusion of the newest BulletShares ETFs, the full suite of 22 ETFs now has defined years of maturity ranging from 2018 to 2028. The BulletShares ETF Suite is comprised of 10 Corporate Bond ETFs, eight High Yield Corporate Bond ETFs and four Emerging Markets Debt ETFs that each hold a portfolio of bonds that all mature in a target year. The new ETFs will track the Nasdaq BulletShares USD Emerging Markets Debt Indexes and will rebalance monthly.

Invesco also offers the BulletShares® ETF Bond Ladder Tool to provide a convenient way to build a hypothetical laddering strategy with BulletShares, based on maturity and credit criteria. The Tool uncovers specific BulletShares ETFs that enable an investor to build a customized fixed income portfolio tailored to a specific maturity profile, risk preference and investment goal.

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