4 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Fixed Income Symposium

It is no secret that the biggest virtual event of the summer is the coming July 24 Fixed Income Symposium. Here’s why advisors can’t afford to miss this event.

There’s Never Been a More Exciting Time in Fixed Income

Often looked to as the steady (if boring) part of the portfolio, fixed income historically doesn’t take a lot of oxygen. However, thanks to a rising rate environment and innovation in the fixed income space, that’s recently changed.

According to VettaFi head of research Todd Rosenbluth, “In the first half of the 2023, fixed income ETFs gathered roughly half of the U.S. industry’s net inflows despite being just one-fifth of the asset base. Advisors are increasingly turning to ETFs for strategic and tactical purposes. Meanwhile, some of the leading managers have brought out compelling products in the past year that offer a fresh take on the ETF segment.”

With more active fixed products launching and new innovations in the space, fixed income is likely to remain top of mind for many investors.

The Fixed Income Symposium Will Feature Numerous Thought Leaders

The best investment any advisor can make is in themselves. The symposium will feature scores of the brightest fixed income minds in the business. They will share their insights and expertise with everyone present. Investors who want to stay ahead of the pack need to attend to understand where fixed income is going. Rosenbluth noted, “We’re bringing some of the brightest minds in the ETF space together. Fixed income experts from BlackRock, Capital Group, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, JPMorgan, PIMCO, and VanEck will be among those sharing insights on how to position for the second half of 2023 and beyond.”

3 Hours of CE Credits

The fixed income symposium is a free event that can provide three valuable hours of CE credits. In addition to the insights and information, advisors can accumulate lots of credits all at once. CE opportunities this good are rare.

Hear From Your Peers

It is always valuable to hear from the experts, but learning what peers are thinking is also important. Thanks to frequent polling questions, advisors will also gain insight into how the rest of the financial community is thinking about fixed income. VettaFi plans to have nine poll questions running throughout the three-hour event. These questions should provide further information and give attendees plenty to chew over throughout the event.

The replay of the Fixed Income Symposium is now live; registration to view on-demand is available at the link.

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