10-Year Treasury Yield will Fall to 2.3%

Daniela Russell, HSBC Head of U.K. Rates Strategy, visited with Bloomberg to discuss the 10-year Treasury yield, which she sees falling to 2.3% before the end of the year.

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Points discussed by Russell:

  • Something unexpected can happen which introduces downside risks to growth
  • Economic data in the U.S. pointing to strength
  • Signs that growth is peaking in the U.S. 10-Year yield
  • Worries about global trade mounting
  • Treasuries in the short-term could offer value and fall to 2.3 percent by the end of the year
  • Does the U.S. market continue to thrive while the global market languishes?
  • Downside risks to growth that come with trade wars
  • Oil prices rising also increase risk

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