Municipal bonds are a specific corner of the bond market that has its own nuances to be wary of, such as costs and tracking errors. With bond market mavens warning investors of headwinds in the fixed income space like an inverted yield curve, rising rates and BBB debt sliding out of investment-grade, investors need to be keen on where to look for opportunities.

One area is within the municipal bond space, which may have gotten a boost following last November’s midterm elections. In particular, with respect to infrastructure spending—it’s one of the few things, if any, that Democrats and Republicans can agree on, but with the newly-divided Congress, this could fuel municipal bond ETFs.

Still, investors need to be aware of the costs associated with investing in this fixed income space, as well as certain tracking errors that could arise with respect to their prices.

In the video below, inflows of municipals bonds in 2019 have topped $20 billion, the highest in 13 years. Analysts say taxpayers who face higher taxes because of the new cap on state and local tax deductions are pouring into municipal bonds as tax shelters. CNBC’s Frank Roberts reports.

Additionally, per a Forbes report, “According to Morningstar data, tax-free muni bonds saw more than $8.8 billion in net flows in the three months ended March 31, beating U.S. equity funds ($6.2 billion) and international equity funds ($1.3 billion). This tells me that investors were seeking stability as well as a strategy to counteract the changes to the tax code.”

For investors looking for municipal bond options in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) space, here are 10 to consider:

SymbolETF NameTotal Assets ($MM)YTD
MLNVanEck Vectors AMT-Free Long Municipal Index ETF$148.464.82%
RVNUXtrackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond Fund$63.834.36%
FMHIFirst Trust Municipal High Income ETF$48.714.12%
FLMBFranklin Liberty Municipal Bond ETF$8.833.96%
PZAInvesco National AMT-Free Municipal Bond ETF$1,805.533.86%
TAXFAmerican Century Diversified Municipal Bond ETF$12.803.46%
ITMVanEck Vectors AMT-Free Intermediate Municipal Index ETF$1,711.613.43%
MUSTColumbia Multi-Sector Municipal Income ETF$22.023.41%
FMBFirst Trust Managed Municipal ETF$664.073.31%
HMOPHartford Municipal Opportunities ETF$122.403.21%


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