Faith Investor Services Launches New Catholic Values ETF, 'KOCG'

Faith Investor Services, LLC (FIS), in partnership with Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors (KoCAA), announced the launch of its inaugural ETF today on the New York Stock Exchange. The new fund, the FIS Knights of Columbus Global Belief ETF, will trade under the ticker symbol KOCG. As more investors look to align their investments with their values, this ETF aims to provide them with a faith-based opportunity backed by an expert institutional investment team.

FIS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Slate Hill Partners (SHP), is helmed by asset management veterans Michael Skillman and Joe Valdman. KoCAA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Knights of Columbus, a global Catholic fraternal organization founded in 1882 with more than two million members and over $120 billion of life insurance in force.

“This fund is an example of how Catholics can invest their money in a way that is compatible with their faith and can potentially grow their wealth,” said Anthony Minopoli, president and chief investment officer of Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors. “We believe KOCG is a great solution for Catholic investors.”

KoCAA manages nearly $29 billion through various investment vehicles and adheres to investment guidelines set by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The investment criteria includes investing in companies that align with Catholic values, such as a respect for life, respect for human dignity, and the Catholic Church’s stance on war and peace. Unlike other faith-based ETFs, KOCG will be actively managed and is sub-advised to ensure the ETF consistently meets the high standards set forth by the faith-based investment guidelines.

“The launch of KOCG is a culmination of years of work supported by a commitment to deliver an exceptional faith-based ETF. I am humbled that the Knights of Columbus has agreed to partner with us,” said Valdman, managing partner at Slate Hill Partners and founder of FIS. “The Knights has a committed membership that has continued to live out Catholic values in the world and has a track record for aligning its money with its mission. The combination of a strong values system and a meaningful capital base positions KOCG to capture flagship status for investors looking for a fund that aligns with Catholic values.”

“FIS was founded with the intent to deliver investors ETFs that can create impactful change in the world and align with their moral guidelines,” explained Mike Skillman, CEO of FIS. “We want to equip people with a simple way to invest in adherence to their faith and moral framework. We invite all those looking to align their faith with their investments to consider KOCG. We envision our platform will provide similar options for investors of other faith backgrounds in the future.”

FIS plans to add additional products to its lineup.

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